Tissue Viability Imager TiVi700
Analysis of UV Testing
Quantify Erithema and Skin Blanching
Take Subjectivity out of skin Patch Testing
Skin Damage Visualizing
Skin Color Tracking
Analysis of Spot Erythema Intensity and Extension
Analysis of Critical Wrinkles Parameters
Analysis of Critical Surface Parameters
Analysis of Skin Pigmentation
Analysis of Hair and Other Small Objects
Analysis of Rapid Microvascular envents
TiVi700 Polarization Spectroscopy Camera
Linearly polarized white light is partly reflected by the upper layer of the skin and partly diffusely scattered in the deeper dermal
layers where the microvascular network is located.
Most of the directly reflected light preserves its state of linear polarization, while the light diffusely scattered in the tissue successively
becomes randomly polarized.
The backscattered linearly polarized light directed towards the detector is effectively blocked by a filter with a polarization direction
perpendicular to that of the linearly polarized light.
A portion of the randomly polarized light passes through this filter and reaches the detector.
This arrangement gives the impression that the camera can see through the top layer of the skin and probe the microcirculation in the
deeper dermal layers.

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