Advantages of Skin-O-Mat

-> Easy to operate, transpotable and light weight.
-> Quick and easy hygienic use.
-> Exact and reliable measuring reault.
-> Applicable for skin, hair and scalp.
Determination of pH-value

-> Perfect skin diagnosis by determination of the
skins pH-value.
-> Applicable in medical use to determine the
pH-value of products and tissue.
-> Quick and easy determination of pH-value using
a special electrode.
-> Digital indication of results.
Skin moisture

-> Precise analysis of skin moisture according to the
recognized cormeometer principle.
-> Easy handling with a measuring probe.
-> Ambient humidity is taken into consideration to
receive an accurate result.
-> Digital indication of results.
Skin's sebum content

-> Phytometric evaluation of the skin's grease
content by means of a specially developed
measuring vsddette according to the Sebumeter
-> Digital indication of measuring values and quick
evaluation according to an existing chart.

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