Principal Benefits
Automated system
High Throughput, 100 fibre cassette
Wet & dry tensile measurements
Small footprint & low weight
Easy to set-up and to use
Low maintenance & robust
Application examples
Hair strength claims
Hair damage repair/alleviation claims
System Description
The MTT680 was developed to overcome the low productivity associated with the manual
testing of mechanical properties of single fibres.
The system is based on a circular sample cassette, Which allows the automatic measurement
up to 100 pre-mounted fibre samples.
The MTT680 is supplied as a complete system comprising mechanical unit, control unit,
pneumatics unit, Windows software and sample mounting accessories.

Above is an example of normalised tensile data for several hair fibre samples

Above is an example of 3 phase analysis of tensile data for a hair fibre sample
The MTT680 can be integrated on the automated sample loading system (ALS1500) with the FDAS765 to provide both dimensional and tensile data
from a single fully automated measurement operation .
The data collected is integrated in the UvWin Windows software.
UvWin offers a number of analysis option: 1, 2 or 3 phase tensile analysis, hysteresis analysis, stress relaxation, etc.
The raw data can also be exported as txt file.

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