System Description
The MTT175 is an Entry-Level, Bench Top Tensile instrument.
A nember of accessories can be Fitted to the MTT175 offering a Wide Range of Testing Protocols including Friction,Combing,Curi Compression, or Bending Tests.
In addition, the MTT175 together with specific accessories can be used for Measurement on skin replicates or any other flat substrates.
Standard Testing Jig
& Vertial Stand
Single Fibre Tensile Testing Accessory
Fibre Sample Mounting
Single Fibre Crimping Set For
Hair Tensile Break or Tensile Cyclic Test
Frame Configurations for in-vivo & in-vitro measurements
Combing Accessory to Measure
Wet & Dry Combing Properites of Hair
3-Point Bending Accessory to measure
Flexual Properties of Hair Tresses other Materials
Friction Accessory to Measure Tribological
Properties of Flat Substrates (Wet or Dry)
Friction Accessory to Measure Tribological
Properties of Hair in the Wet or Dry state
Volume Accessory to Measure the
Volume/body Properties of Hair Tress
Curl Compression Accessory to Measure the
Compressibility properties of Hair Curls
Track / Adhesive to Measures the Tack
or Adhesion Properties of products

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