Contact Imaging System
The Epsilon is a novel contact=imaging system for capturing dielectric permittivity images of insulating materials in contact with its CMOS array sensor surface.
The system consists of a hand-held probe, a parking base and an in-vitro stand,
securely stored in a purpose-designed case. the system is quick and easy to set up,
needing nothing more than a USB connection to a PC or laptop for power and data.
The software supplied with the instrument has facilities for live image preview and
image capture in Snapshot, Burst and Video modes.
It saves images in industry-standard formats(tiff&avi)for analysis in third-party image
analysis software.
Some analysis functions (Region of Interest,Permittivity Histograms,Permittvity Time-
series,Permittivity Filter,etc)are included in the standard software and these will evolve
in response to user feedback.
There are also plans to publish optional analysis modules in the future.

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