Principal Benefits
Proven method for evaluating stratum corneum elasticity, hydration and friction
Easily adjustable for study of different skin layers
PC controlled for simple operation
Support both constant and ramped torque protocols
Advanced Windows application software featuring automated data analysis
Lightweight desigh for hand held or bench mounted operation
The Dermal Torque Meter (DTM) is the product of many years of research that have demonstrated the importance of mechanical properties as indicators
of skin hydration and the integrity of the stratum corneum.
Several devices have been developed to measure mechanical properties of skin of which the DTM is the most sensitive and reliable instrument for evaluating
the stratum corneum.
The DTM is therefore the instrument of choice for scientists studying this vital layer of the skin and assessing the impact of topical products such as moisturisers
on its mechanical properties.
Other applications include assessment of frictional properties of products applied to the skin and ageing studies involving the analysis of mechanical properties of full
skin thickness.

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