precise skin colour measurement is of the utmost importance for researchers as well as clinicians involved to be a delicate and rather complex issue. this complexity results from several facts:

-> Skin erythema. which readily changes due to internal or external factors. can highly interfere with the precise measurement of skin pigmentation. the desirable skin colormeter should remain specific for melanin measurement in the case of modifications in skin erythema and viceversa. this is one of the most imporant challenges in skin colorimetry.
-> Skin erythema can readily vary depending on the pressure applied to ehe skin surface by the colorimetric device. since the pressure applied by the user can significantly vary from one to a subsequent measurement. it can significantly interface with the reproducibility of erythema values. which in turn, falsely affects the malanin values.
-> Depending on the method of measuring, ambient temperature, and lighting conditions the result of measurements can vary.

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