Skin firmness and resilience testing
The Ballistometer consists of a slim line probe only 25cm long and a small control unit connected
to a PC serial port.
The probe contains a rigid low mass arm suspended at its balance point on a torsion wire.
A ruby tipped stylus is fixed to one end.
The arm is activated by a solenoid that elevates the probe tip from the test surface.
On release, the arm oscillates around its balance position and the stylus bounces repeatedly on the
test site before coming to rest.
The position of the arm is monitored by an optical sensor and the position data transmitted to the
PC via the control unit.
Principal benefits
-> Use at any angle : non-gravity dependent
-> Measure on difficult test sites
-> Tests for different materials
-> Consistency with probe arm
-> User friendly software with automated analysis(windows bas)
-> Light and easy to transport

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