Fast Optical In vivo Technique for Topology of the Skin

Based on a patented fringe projection unit combined with stereo imaging techniques, the AEVA-HE system
offers best performances and flexibility to address different studies/measurement from wrinkles reduction
to body reshaping.
It is designed to quantify efficacy assesment for cosmetics, aesthetical and dermatology products and treatments.

It is dedicated to the following applications:
- Face (Wrinkles, fine lines and pores, Glabella, Eyebags, Nasogenian fold, Lips, Sagging )
- Part of Body reshaping, firmness ( Circumference of Waist, Legs, Breast )
- Automatic or Interactive areas extraction
- Amplitude, roughness, volume, areas, circumference evaluation

Advantages :
- High resolution system (2x 5Mpixels cameras)
- Easy to switch from an application to an other.
- Interchangeable Fields.
-Analysis and evaluation software provided.
Positioning bench

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